Linking theory and practice

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) academic is uniquely placed at the interface of theory informed practice and practice informed theory in English Language Teaching (ELT).We are an independent knowledge dissemination and discussion organisation which links the work of academics and materials writers to applied linguistics students, teachers, teacher educators, decision-makers and other researchers.  

We provide a global forum for people to talk about how their published peer reviewed research, or an aspect of it, impacts on language education. Our ever-growing social media outlets allow for discussion of our talks and other TESOL-based issues. Our featured publications section also provides a channel for authors of course books and other supplementary resources to talk about the content and rationale of their publication.

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Our talks are classified into three areas as follows:

Keynotes: cutting-edge leaders in the field talk about their work.  Our 2008-2010 collection include talks from J. Jenkins, M. Cortazzi, P. Nation, D. Little, A.Tsui, D.Nunan, A. Burns and K. Johnson.  Our  Keynotes (11-13) include talks from A.Pennycook, V.Cook, R.Phillipson, T.Lynch, T. Rodgers, A. Holliday, M, McCarthy and N, Spada.  

Our Keynotes (14-16) section is occupied by two of the most influential scholars in our field Professors Stephen Krashen and Rod Ellis.  


Research-papers: authors talk about an article which they have had published in a leading TESOL-based academic journal - over 35 talks to choose from!   

Featured publications: We provide a carefully selected range of talks from authors who have recently published a TESOL-based text book or an EFL\ESL coursebook. CLICK HERE to find out about promoting with us.  


We provide free-at-source resources to everyone, everywhere and we invite you, your colleagues and your organisation to support this independent initiative for the global TESOL community.  We are better connected and the more connected we are the better it gets! We invite you to consider contracting our services or becoming a sponsor.

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Last updated:  August, 2014